Saturday, January 22, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I know it's not Friday here anymore, but I haven't gone to bed yet so I'm hoping it still counts.  I think it might be Friday still in Hawaii.

My favorite thing this week is NCIS.  This is my absolutely favorite show (this year).

 I love the dynamics between the characters.   I especially like when Ziva says things wrong .. I think the writers are just really clever.

Sorry to be so late, I have been working on finishing my other pinwheel sampler quilt and that has been quite time consuming.  I just need to finish the binding and then I am done.  Hopefully tomorrow and then it will be on my bed...


Kate said...

NCIS is a big favorite in this house too. My daughter alternates between wanting to be Ziva and wanting to be Abby. Even my guy, who doesn't watch much TV will sit with us and watch NCIS. Great FTF.

Shay said...

Mr. P likes NCIS. I dont watch much TV really. Isnt it terrific that we all like such diverse shows?

Cant wait to see the quilt.

Marg said...

I used to watch NCIS every week and loved it, but lately I have hardly watched any TV so haven't seen NCIS in a long time.