Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite this weekend is my grandkids .. the older one turned three yesterday (I forgot to post a cupcake for him) and the younger turned one in June.  We (actually my husband) have been watching them for the last two weeks so they've been around a lot.  It's really hard, because we were more than 25 years younger when we did this with our kids .. but it's also fun.  Watching Andrew take his first steps ... hearing Mikey come up with original thoughts and ideas .. the hugs when you come home.  The smiles when they get to the house in the morning (even though it's earlier than I'd like to get up).   These things far out weigh any down side .. 

For other favorites, check out QIMP .. have a happy weekend!

The birthday party will be at the park across the street from our house on Sunday .. party pics to follow.


Mistea said...

Fabulous favourites - Enjoy the little people as they grow way too quickly.
Have a lovely party on Sunday.

Love Of Quilts said...

You have picked the most important favorites to share with us today. They are cute little ones.Have a good weekend. Trish

Shay said...

We're partying for Little P on Sunday as well..AND I babysat this weekend. Freaky.

Arent grandkids the absolute best thing ? It sounds like you're having a blast! What a wonderful favourite for this week.

Marg said...

Such very cute boys. Great photos, they look like they would keep you very busy. Hope you have a lovely day today.

Sara said...

I love parties! I shall have to go eat some cake in honour of your party.

Kate said...

Cute kids. Hope the birthday party was loads of fun.