Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lucy's Visit

So we had a visitor from Australia for the last five weeks .. Lucy Rabbit.  She and I went site seeing all over Silicon Valley and took her picture by several of the big name IT companies based nearby.

Before she left she visited me at the office and ran into a little trouble with a lion ...

However, she quickly made friends and was riding shortly thereafter ..

waiting for me to finish work .. so we could go home.

The passport stamps ..

Anyway, we had a lovely visit and I will certainly miss her company.  


Marg said...

Lucy looks so cool with her sunglasses. I'm pleased to hear she is none the worse for wear after her run in with the lion.

Shay said...

I love those passport stamps! So cute.

Obviously Lucy won the tussle with the lion. Go Lucy!

Katie said...

LOL too funny. One day I took Paul McCartney out with me people I think thought I was a a kook!

Kate said...

Lucy definitely lack for adventure. Very cute! Love her sunglasses.

Anna said...

How much fun that was! We used to send Flat Stanley's at school and bears and post cards but I didn't know grown ups did this too!