Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday

We had a lovely day yesterday with lots of good food and lots of leftovers today.

We played Finish Lines which ends up being a good game for everyone because there are lines that everyone can finish, from nursery rhymes to Shakespeare.  Mostly just sat around watching football and visiting.  Pretty quiet (probably because the boys were at their other grandparents' house).

I don't do the Black Friday thing, so today should be a pretty quiet day as well.  maybe more so with no crazy cooking to finish up.  this is a good thing since my cold seems to be gearing up.  mostly sore throat.  we'll see.  I'll drag myself out of bed soon and see if I can get my sewing on. I've been trying to figure out whether or not I can set up my sewing machine in my bedroom ...


Kate said...

Hope that you are feeling better and can avoid the cold. Sometimes just taking it easy can take the edge off being sick. Hope you got in a few stitches today.

Shay said...

I hope you dont end up being really sick - what a waste of an ultra long weekend!

I wish we had Thanksgiving here - Im sure it would be my favourite holiday.

Marti said...

I don't do Black Friday either. I did go to Home Depot Saturday and they still had their poinsettias for 99 cents so I got a few of those. No crowds either.

Thanks for posting the link to Finish Lines. That might be a good game for our non-game-playing family members.