Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 19 : May 7 - 13

 May 7 - Dress shopping (again)

 May 8 - cookies (the bandage on his arm is just for show)

 May 9 - baby face

 May 10 - Mother's Day Flowers

 May 11 - foccacia bread

 May 12 - very handsome

May 13 - wine at work


Shay said...

Have you started drinking to get through your work days?

Kate said...

I have lots of questions now. Is someone getting married? Do I want to know what's in handsome's mouth? And finally, the same question Shay asked above.

Just kidding, fun photos. I really like the roses in the wine bottle with your name on them (puts a whole new meaning on the thought of "Days of wine and roses".