Friday, March 9, 2007

Five things ..

I was going to write about ten things I want to do before I die but I could only think of five ...

1. visit Isle Royale
2. make a full size quilt
3. finish reading War & Peace
4. take a photography class

Now I can't even think of the five I came up with before. The next five:

ice cream flavors
TV shows
people I'd like to see again from high school, elementary school, middle school -- other times in my life
places I'd like to see
books I've read
books I want to read
movies I want to see on big screen
worst movies
best movies
funniest movies
worst smells
best smells
fads I never want to see again

lots and lots of things.

I guess I could also work on coming up with witty titles for my blog entries. One of the charming things about "Charmed", the titles of the shows - play on titles of other things, i.e. Kill Billie, Part 1.

My niece Katie has a good blog. I wonder if she'd mind if I had a link to it from mine? A couple of my kids have "my space" -- is that a blog for kids? or anyone interested. Maybe I should get a myspace ... nah.

Well, enough for today.

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