Sunday, September 25, 2022

Week 38 : Sept 16 to Sept 22

Sept. 16 - wine tasting
Sept. 17 - baby shower & birthday party

 Sept. 20 - scanning started again

Sept. 21 - the drive home


Saturday, September 24, 2022

Week 37 : Sept 9 to Sept 15


Sept 9 - mini coffee 

Sept 10 -headed home
Sept 11 - diaper cake
Sept 14 - the garage

Friday, September 23, 2022

Week 30 : July 23 - 29


July 23

July 24

Week 36 : Sept 2 to Sept 8


Sept. 2 - the bottle brush tree / bush


Sept. 3 - picture from the plane -- and breakfast


 Sept. 4 - on the rocks


Sept 5 - buried

Sept. 6 - The lighthouse

Sept. 7 -- hanging out at Quincy Mine


Sept. 8 -- the whole crew!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Valentines - from the Past

I decided that it's time to start scanning .. and I ran across this valentine sent to my aunt and uncle on February 14, 1924 (my aunt was 3 1/2 and my uncle 1 1/2).

I can't tell who sent it -- maybe someone else can read it.  

However, I googled the address and found the house on Zillow.


It is super cute .. I don't know anything about Delaware, Ohio.  But pretty amazing to find a house that my grandparents used to live in.

Week 35 : Aug 26 to Sep 1

Aug 27 - scones

Aug 28 - first day of school??

Aug 29 - the neighbors

Aug 31 - out my back door

Sept 1 - the weather for our vacation

Beers in Seattle

I went to Seattle recently to hang out with Nevada.  It was a wonderful weekend of Doctor Who, eating, walking, and drinking beer -- and wine too.

The first beer was with Thai food, Singha.  We went there after walking around Green Lake and it was really hot, so the beer was great!  It probably would have been great anyway.

The next one was at a restaurant called Giddy Up Burgers.

Of course I can't remember what beer I had -- but it was a porter or a stout.  Probably a stout.  We also had some food.

After that we went to Ruben's where I had a Robust Porter.

and then on to Obec Brewing, where I had another dark beer.  I believe this was Porter #3.


I enjoyed all the dark beers; probably, the first one the best (the one I can't remember).

Our last meal was at The Yard Cafe.  I think what I had was their High Water Campfire Stout -- but it might have been something else because it looks like they change their beers often.

It was a great weekend.  Can't wait for the next time.

Week 45 : Nov 4 - Nov 10

    Nov 4 - the coffee station    Happy Birthday to my husband  (the grumpy one)    Nov 5 - hanging at the winery    Nov 6 - working on Chri...