Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eagle Harbor Days

today's list

1 -- beautiful colors - the trees changing
2 -- walking around the harbor
3 -- walking through the cemetary
4 -- picking apples
5 -- making apple sauce
6 -- email from Paul

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I’ve come to another realization – another epiphany -- I can’t stop waiting for good things to happen or look back at good things that happened either, I need to enjoy my life as it is happening – the little things – that’s what makes life worth living.

The following lists are not in any particular order – the first item is just the one I wrote first, not necessarily the best or the worst …

Really good things that happened today:
1 – a little girl (1.5 years old) on the plane showing me her belly button
2 – the same little girl, high five-ing me
3 – the same little girl, touching fists
4 - Michael called to say “hi” – of course I was at the Minneapolis airport...
5 - Eating dinner with both my parents at "the Blue Place"
6 - Being in Eagle Harbor

Some good things that happened today:
1 – I woke up – just a little later than planned – without my alarm going off
2 – I got an aisle seat on the plane
3 – There was no line at the airport
4 – I had a root beer float (A&W of course)
5 - I took a walk around Eagle Harbor

Things that made me smile today:
1 – two little boys at the airport wearing cowboy boots
2 - the tree colors
3 - a red mustang speeding out of Eagle Harbor

Things that made me sad / or were lousy (must be limited to ONLY ten)
1 – my alarm didn’t go off
2 – the guy on the plane that tried to get off before everyone else because he was just more important than them (not as though lots of other people didn’t need to make connecting flights too!)
3 - wondering how many more times I'll be here

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