Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quilter Meet & Greet

I have never done this sort of thing before (unless you count Favorite Things Friday ... ) but I am participating in a Quilting Meet & Greet being hosted by Victoriana Quilt Designs.  Please make sure to go to the main Meet & Greet post.

I started quilting just over ten years ago (can it be that long ago?).  When my first grandson was born I wanted to make him a quilt, so I asked a couple of my friends who quilt for help.  They helped me with the fabric selection, the cutting, and maybe even the tying -- I didn't actually quilt my first quilt.

Here's a picture of that quilt.

I enjoyed the process and the final product.  I like making things and giving gifts that are one of a kind.  Prior to quilting, I was into cross stitch and then knitting and crocheting.  Those things were rewarding, but there is something about quilting that I love .. but .. I didn't want to jump into it too fast and end up with tons of fabric and books .. like all the knitting supplies and cross stitch books I purchased... so I decided to take it slowly.  I only bought fabric for the quilts I was going to make.  I finished each quilt before starting another .. initially ..  now things are a little different.  I have a fabric stash.  I have books.  I even have some unfinished projects.

Around the time I started quilting, I also started blogging.  Well, actually I started blogging in 2007, a few years before my first quilt.  But once I started quilting, I needed to have ideas of what to do next.  So, rather than buy books, I started looking on line and eventually I found some quilting blogs.  When I found a blog with quilts I liked, I followed that blogger, and then I followed the bloggers that that blogger was following, and so on.

When it comes to the quilts, I really struggle with picking colors, so I frequently go with rather plain colors or add a lot of white, or I imitate what someone else has done.  I enjoy the piecing and seeing it all come together.  However, once I get the quilt pieced and basted, I really want it to be finished .. so at that point I kind of go crazy and quilt until it's done.  Most of the quilts I have made are baby quilts, they are smaller and faster and are great gifts.  Here are a few:

Anyway, I love making quilts (and giving them away).  Please take the time to visit all the other quilters in the meet & greet.  I hope you can find ones (quilts and blogs) that will inspire you and encourage you (and remember to click on the bottom button to enter the grand prize drawing).



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