Friday, March 20, 2015

German Food

So, after work yesterday, my YD and her BF decided to take me and my spousal unit out to dinner.  Although she had promised BJs at some point, they were going to a German restaurant in Sunnyvale, Hardy's Bavaria, so we crashed their dinner and went there instead.

We, of course, had beer.

 Appetizers .. baked brie and sausage ..

The food was good, but I wasn't wild about it.  The dessert was an apple strudel (made in the restaurant) with fresh whipped cream; we obviously had a hard time finishing it.

So, it turns out I am not a big fan of German food.  With Wagner for a last name you would think it would be  required. ah well.

Week 11 : March 12 - 18

 March 12 - fully opened

March 13 - beautiful skies

March 14 - meeting friends for coffee (on pi day)

March 15 - geese in the park

March 17 - Spooky in the cat carrier
(sorry for the overexposed picture)

 BOM - block #3

March 18 - super cute border fabric

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 10 : March 5 - 11

 March 5 - the orchid in my office - almost all the buds are open

March 6 - the view outside the office

 March 7 - dinner at BJ's

March 8 - the devil cat

 March 10 - getting ready to travel...

 March 11 - mid-week wine

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 9 : Feb 26 - Mar 4

Feb 26 - mid-week wine
Feb 28 - dramatic clouds
March 1 - Plumpjack vines

March 2 - Nintendo DS cas

 March 3 - playground fun

March 4 - this would have been my mother's 87th birthday.  
Here's a picture of her from 2005 with my OD in Michigan.

#47 - Sparkling Wine Tour

So this weekend, we tackled #47 on my list, the Napa Sparkling wine tour.  To be fair, all of the wineries were not in Napa, so I guess it should have been just the sparkling wine tour.

We went to four different wineries that specialize in bubbles : Gloria Ferrer, Domaine Carneros, Domaine Chandon, and Mumm Napa. (We also went to three non-sparkling wineries .. that's the most I've done in one day (and it was probably not one of my best decisions).)

First was Gloria Ferrer.  They are remodeling their tasting room so we had to sit outside in a tent -- a pretty luxurious tent.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the tent (or the porta potty with wooden floors).

 very nice bubbly ...
 The view from the tent.
 Flowers at Gloria Ferrer -- any ideas on what they are??

Next, Domaine Carneros.

This picture was in the ladies' room ...
Cardboard sheep on the hill ...

Third, Domaine Chandon.

and finally Mumm Napa.

I'd been to both Gloria Ferrer and Mumm before, the other two were new ones. Mumm continues to be my favorite.  Maybe it's because Nevada likes Mumm best, or maybe it's because it is the best.  Then Gloria Ferrer and Domaine Carneros .. I think I'd go with Gloria next and then DC.  Chandon comes in fourth.

After the wine tasting we ate at one of my favorite Napa restaurants, Tra Vigne.  I haven't been to many different restaurants but this one is excellent.  Their fresh mozzarella was divine, as was the butternut square soup and butternut squash ravioli.  A great finish to a fun day ...

2024 : Week 11 - March 11 - 17

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