Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have finished the quilt top for the monkey quilt; I ordered some backing which should arrive in the mail this week so that I can finish it. I don't know who I am giving this to yet but I am still excited to be finishing it. I just started the quilt I'm making for Robin. It's really tough because there are two weird fabrics involved. A satin and a minkee. The satin is okay to work with, the minkee is crazy hard.

However, I will persevere and get it done.

Oh, my $1 quest has been stumped -- I didn't find anything last week or this week. I even went to a yard sale and found nothing ... very frustrating! Hopefully next week will be more successful.

Pork and more

When we got back from the gym on Saturday, America's Test Kitchen was on and the pork chops they were making looked so good we had to make them for dinner. We did and they turned out great -- the apple sauce too! Made with Pink Lady apples! It was great! Here's the link for the episode. I highly recommend these.

I also subscribe to All Recipes and got an e-mail this week with a recipe for pulled pork. Since I know my husband really likes pulled pork, we decided to make it. Another success. Southern Pulled Pork.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I finished my bags. Here's one picture -- there are more on Picasa.

Also, here's my $1 buy this week. We needed food bowls for the cats so I went to Goodwill and picked these up. They weren't a great buy but each one cost $1. If I could have waited for a yard sale ...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last week ...

Here is last week's dollar find .. actually I think it cost $.20 and I bought a whole bunch, but this one is the cutest.

and here's the second scarf, finally.

Now I can focus on quilting. But first, I'm going to finish the bags -- I just need to get the cords done and they are done.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First one

I got the first item checked off my list. I completed #32 -- no sugar for 1 day -- of course, it wasn't really a choice but now I'm on my way to the next one.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here's the first scarf.


I wanted to make a pin cushion so I found a really cute one on one of the quilting blogs I've been following. Here it is, but although it is functional, it is not nearly as nice or cute as the one from the blog. Ah, well.

I'll use it until I get another one, or make another one.

I didn't get out today to find my $1 treasure. I'll have to do that tomorrow -- I think I'll go to the Goodwill store.

I want to make a rag rug from T-shirts that I saw on one of the blogs (of course I don't remember which one). But I don't really have a bunch of old ones -- anyone want to send me some, I'll take them. I think I need 20.

I think Michael and Brieanna will be spending the night tonight. That should be fun -- I don't know if Brieanna plays cards but if she doesn't, we can teach her.

Watching football with the hubby and the parents. I'll get back to knitting and finish my second scarf. I hope someone wants these, cuz I don't.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday -- just barely

So, it's finally Friday .. I can't get to sleep. I just took something but I have to wait for it to "kick" in. I've been looking at a lot of quilting blogs lately. It is amazing what some people can do. Really inspiring.

I finished one of the scarves tonight. I'll try and post a picture. I'm doing one more which I want to have done before next Thursday when we have C.A.F.E night at church. One night a month the women get together and share their crafts. There are several different tables and each month there is a highlighted craft. This month it is knitting. So, I've made two samples. I'm going to purchase some yarn and needles and books. Hopefully there will be some beginning knitters.

Anyway, as soon as the scarves are done, I'll get back to quilting. I've got a sock monkey quilt started. and then there's the quilt I'm making for Robin. And I've got some other ideas too. On top of that there are the stockings and the sock monkey. So much to do, so little time.

I need to find out how to link to my 52 list so that I can mark when i complete an item.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Favorite cereals

I know you have all been waiting to hear which my favorite cereals are ...

1 - Frosted Mini-Wheats
2 - Fruit Loops
3 - Rice Krispies
4 - Special K
5 - Honey Nut Cheerios
6 - Honey Bunches of Oats
7 - Rice Chex/Wheat Chex/Corn Chex
8 - Cheerios
9 - Trix (silly rabbit)
10 - Frosted Flakes

Wow! why is it I struggle to come up with 10 cereals? Not like I haven't been eating them for 50 years ...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dollar day

Here are two pictures of items I bought today. The $1 item is the package of ornament hooks - they are really different and I like them. I hope they work (and that I keep them until next year).

However, the big buy was the wrapping paper for $.25

Friday, January 1, 2010

Top ten TV shows

The following are my top ten favorite TV shows ..

1 - NCIS
2 - Medium
3 - Cold Case
4 - The Office
5 - 24*
6 - House
7 - Bones
8 - Fringe
9 - Heroes
10 - Lost**

*Don't know if I'll watch 24 this year -- last year was quite disappointing; but I didn't want to take this off the list.

** Haven't really watched this, but I'd like to watch the whole series.

We end up watching a lot of CSI and stuff like that -- but I'm really tired of TV. I need to exert some more of that self control that I used to have, or at least thought I used to have.

We watch movies when we're not watching one of the millions of shows that we watch so I spend a lot of time in front of the TV. It is a 60 inch flat screen or so, so there's lots of space to sit in front. I'm trying to find things to do with my hands, like knitting and sewing. Of course, I also spend time playing on the computer, like now.

Fifty-two for Twenty ten

this year I'm going to copy Katie (yet again) and have a list of 52 mini goals to accomplish in 2010

1. Get my passport
2. Go to Las Vegas
3. Make Christmas stockings
4. Go to Oregon
5. Purge/organize attic - DONE!!
6. Make new curtains for my room
7. Clean out my closet - DONE
8. blog once a week
9. Clean bathrooms regularly (every other week) - IN PROGRESS
10. go to the gym three times a week
11. Buy something at a yard sale - DONE
12. Go to the flea market - DONE
13. Read War & Peace Atlas Shrugged
      (too much of War & Peace was in French)
14. Knit fingerless gloves
15. Take a class - DONE
16. Buy something for $1 each week
17. Make Christmas cards
18. Send Christmas cards
19. Purchase one piece of real furniture
20. See both of my sisters - DONE!
21. Run 3 miles
22. Go to a museum - DONE (went to Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA on 10/26/10)
23. Meet up with Katie - DONE!
24. Have a yard sale - DONE!
25. Take a road trip - DONE!
26. Take a 1 week TV break - DONE!
27. Wear funky earrings
28. Have a dinner party (whatever that is)
29. Throw my husband a 60th birthday party
30. Give Paul 30 things for our anniversary
32. Give up sugar for a day - DONE
33. Give up sugar for a week
34. Give up sugar for a month
35. Try a new bread recipe - DONE
36. Paint my bedroom - DONE
37. Grow something to eat (mold doesn't count)
38. Stay in my pjs for an entire day
39. Buy another Judy Bolton book for my collection - DONE
40. Go into every store at Valley Fair (and buy nothing)
41. See King Tut exhibit
42. Watch a sunset - DONE (multiple times)
43. Watch a sunrise
44. See a shooting star
45. Have a picnic - DONE
46. Make a sock monkey
47. Go bowling with the family
48. Knit a pair of socks
49. Try a new ethnic food (new to me) We had thai food at work
50. Put together a 2000 piece puzzle - this one I'm going to bag.  We tried it in NC and couldn't get it done in 2 days (no surprise there).  I won't have a good opportunity to do this again by the end of the year.
51. Give blood - DONE
52. Make a list for 2011 - DONE

There are a few resolutions too, eat less, exercise more, read more, listen more, be more positive, smile more often, but those are more general and harder to accomplish.

Can't wait to see Katie's list .. and how she achieves some of her goals!

Happy New Year!

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