Sunday, March 15, 2009

reading, etc.

I really enjoy Katie's blog. She is always so upbeat and encouraging -- well actually she's that way all the time. At least whenever I see her. How do you do that Katie??? Thanks for the entertaining and interesting blog. Thanks for sharing what you're doing with me (and with anyone else reading). Katie can you rub some of that on me??

When I'm done here, I'm going to work on my knitting. I'm making a blanket for someone's baby boy. Everyone I know who is having a baby is having a boy so it doesn't really matter who I give it to .. however, this blanket is a little pricey so I have to give it to someone who will appreciate it -- or maybe I just shouldn't worry about that. I have another boy baby blanket I'm working on too, so I've got two to finish.

We're having a St. Patrick's day potluck on Tuesday. I'm doing the corned beef and cabbage, which I have no idea how to make. I'm trusting the other ladies at work to help with it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

house and blogging

I was reading a post by another blogger, who shall remain nameless, and was reminded of the "house" I watched last night. In the show, House's patient had something wrong with him which caused him to say exactly what was on his mind without filtering out the bad stuff ... y'know like telling his wife that she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.. Anyway, no filters. That was what I got out of the blog -- that blogging means you don't have to have filters. You can say what you want and it doesn't matter.

Since I consider my blog to be a secret diary that only a couple of my closest friends read, I could say all sorts of vicious, nasty things about others - but why would I? I mean, what's the purpose? I want to feel confident that if any one were to read it, that their opinion of me would not be diminished. I could sit here and go into a critique of the other post but that would be doing exactly what I don't like -- so I'll just leave it alone ...

I frequently think things that I shouldn't think. Putting it on paper, even virtual paper, is even worse -- you can't take it back. Perhaps I should work on my thoughts ...

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