Sunday, September 3, 2017

The List #30 - DONE!!!

So, one of my goals this year was to have a 35,000 step day (FitBit steps).  I figured the only time I'd be able to do it would be when I was on vacation because it takes a long time to accumulate that many steps. 

I was in the middle of a work week challenge -- fighting for the lead.  I decided that Friday of that week (August 25) I would try and get my 35K steps and hopefully win the challenge.  I took my usual morning walk (to the marina and back about 9K steps).  Then later walked it again ..  

The marina.

and back again.

My husband and I drove in to town and on the way home, I had him drop me off 4 miles from our hotel and began walking.  Since it was dinner time, he came and picked me up after just two miles.  I was at about 26K steps at that point.

After dinner, I again walked to the marina.  I ran into an acquaintance and walked back with her.  She had a set walk so I walked with her and got about 10-11K steps -- hit my 35K! 

However, for the work week challenge, the person nearest to me was only about 4K behind me -- and he was constantly walking and racking up the numbers.  Even though I was exhausted, my husband talked me into walking a little more and I hit 40K! 

At this point, I didn't care if I lost the challenge. I was ready to concede ..  However, I did win, but only by about 1,200 steps.

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