Saturday, August 2, 2008


What do we do when children are faced with adult problems? how do we help them figure out the answers? how do we help them make a decision and then accept the decision they have made?

What would I do if I were in her position? I don't know. I know what the answers "should" be but could I stand by my convictions (are they really convictions if I can't stand by them?).

And the next question, how do we help adults make decisions they don't want to make? face futures they don't want to see? how can we be compassionate and firm? and do we need to leave the compassion at the door and just be firm - or even harsh? I feel the need to confront but I don't know if I can do it. but I have to. not for me but because it has to be done.

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Katie said...

Cute pics of baby michael. I have none of the answers to any questions.

Happy Birthday, MLW II !!

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