Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ten things to do to relax, and in no particular order ...

1 - watch TV
2 - read
3 - sleep (does that count?)
3a - play stupid computer games
4 - type on the computer
5 - hanging out with friends
6 - knitting
7 - putting a quilt together
8 - have a drink
9 - taking a long hot bath or shower
10 - get a manicure

can't put a pedicure on there because it makes me crazy. I'm sooooo ticklish. I really like a good shampoo too, but I don't get those often. Okay, I don't find knitting to be that relaxing but I had to put it on there. How about a walk on the beach, that's a good one (or rather a walk around the harbor), or sitting in sunlight. Listening to some good music .. watching a good movie ...

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