Monday, August 24, 2009

Wally World and Monday Madness

We needed a new carpet to put over the messed up carpet in our living room so we went to Target, but the only carpets they had that were big enough were $150. Not only did we not want to pay that much but we also didn't like them ... sooooo we went to WalMart. It was packed! Everyone must have decided that they had to buy something (and I thought we were in a recession?) ... The lines were 10 people deep. However, we picked up our bag of carpet and made it through My husband left me alone to fend for myself and somehow, for once in my life, I picked the right line! Got through in less than 10 minutes! The rug is now on our rug in the living room.

My #2 son is finishing up the deck. Oh, he went with me to yoga tonight. Fortunately, I was so engrossed in trying to get all the moves down I forgot to be embarrassed -- not about him but about me! I can't believe how hard yoga is.

Let's see, for the rest of the madness ... the grandson and his parents are spending the night tonight. Gave the grandson a bath. Fun to have him around. Then he was sitting on the floor playing with a bucket (why buy toys???) and just laughing up a storm, for no reason! it was too cute.

Lego is sleeping next to me ... as I write. He usually is on the other side of the bed, but tonight he's decided he wants to push me out of the way instead of the husband. Normally, it's Weezer who is crowding me, but with the baby and the dog in the house he is on edge and isn't hanging out with me :-(

I'm just rambling. I was thinking how I'd like to go to Michigan for a week in the fall. Just to get away and be somewhere peaceful and quiet ... maybe next year. Well, back to stupid, mindless, computer games.

ta ta for now

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Katie said...

sounds like an interesting Monday. our walmarts are never that busy except maybe Christmas. Rachel was already trying to find a week to go to Eagle Harbor next summer staying in Carol's Cabin. :D

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

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