Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

So, they're going to do Rolling Stones on American Idol this year. Maybe they'll do Ruby Tuesday. One of my favorites. Actually, they had some great songs back in the day (i.e., the 60s and 70s) .. Mother's little helper, Paint it black. I used to have an album, though I think it was Stuart's but I don't have it now - in vinyl or CD.

I didn't realize they were doing them tonight -- so far I'm liking it. I love the old songs. I can do without Jumping Jack Flash and Satisfaction. I hope they don't do those.

I went to the dentist this morning to have a cavity filled. I like the dentist less and less. I didn't used to mind going at all but now I can't stand it. I was looking for a picture of a cavity but decided that you all know what one looks and feels like (except Rachel who never gets them). At least I don't have to go again until August.

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