Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eagle Harbor & other places in the Keweenaw

Here I am with my two sisters! (at Esrey Park just after sunset).
Katie, Anna and Rachel sitting around the campfire, getting ready to roast marshmallows.   Look at the great marshmallow roasting stick Katie has!

Katie and Paul waiting to go somewhere ...


climbing on the rocks .. I think this was at Mary's Cove.

Ashley and Jonathan sitting in front of the Agate Shop!
Hanging out a Bete Gris .. if I can find the next picture.  You'll see that we're hanging out on the private beach -- not the public one.

Another sunset .. this was from Mary's Cove, I think ... 

My favorite tree .. I didn't have much opportunity to photograph it this year.

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Katie said...

that is one great roasting stick! I'm so glad uncle paul scored it for me.

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