Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite this week is another food thing .. well, it's more than a food thing, it's good food and good friends.

There were two "events" recently that fall into this category. 

The first was Super Bowl Sunday.  I stayed home and watched the game with my father, my husband, my YS and DIL and the two grandsons.  My husband and my DIL made all sorts of great food:  two great dips to go with chips and ka-bobs - shrimp and beef.  I made bacon wrapped jalapenos.  I feel like there was more food, but I can't think of it now.  It was enough for an army but there were only the seven of us to eat it all.

The second was just last night.  After work, my boss and I had dinner with a former co-worker who has just moved into the Northern California area (we all used to work together in DC (sort of)).  We ate at The Fish Market.
We had wonderful appetizers -- oysters (okay, I don't like them, but others do), crab and artichoke dip, and ahi poke (which is sashimi), followed by an excellent entre - we each had a different kind of fresh fish.  The food was heavenly.  We talked about old times, people we knew (finding out what our common acquaintance were up to), and new times.  It was a genuinely wonderful time. 

I also found out that my former co-worker is a quilter.  She sounds like a real quilter as opposed to the newbie, scrappy, not-so-perfect quilter that I am (but that means I have someone else to learn techniques from).  We are planning on going to an upcoming quilt show together and maybe even checking out some quilt stores.  So exciting!

Anyway, that's my favorite this week -- good food and good friends (and family) -- good times!!

Check out Quilting In My Pyjamas to see what other people have picked as their favorites this week, and if you are so inclined, post a favorite of yours and link up too!!


Michelle Ridgway said...

There is nothing better than nice food had with friends and even better to discover a fellow quilter. Have fun visiting those shops together.

Kate said...

What a great favorite! How cool to find a new quitlting buddy too.

Amanda said...

Great favourite its good sharing good times and great food and you found a fellow quilter even better.

ANudge said...

Those would be favorites anytime for me - sounds like for you, also. Isn't it nice to fine a fellow quilter? Have fun at the quilt show.

Sara said...

I had fish for lunch that my dad caught last night, but he'd filleted it (mum usually does) and it still had some bones in it :( but I cut them all out, and the rest of it was delicious :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, great favorite! Good food at home with family is awesome! And getting out for a little catching up over a yummy meal is so fun too! Glad you have had so much of it lately!

xo -E

Shay said...

I LOVE seafood. Im glad you enjoyed your night out. It sounds fantastic.

Superbowl sounds like our AFL Grand Final . Lots of food and a very relaxing day.

Have you ever noticed how so many of our good times revolve around sharing food with the people we like or love?

Katie said...

yay for good food and good friends!

libbyquilter said...

always good to find another sister in quilting~!!~
the food sounds beyound devine~!!~


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