Saturday, June 1, 2013

American Jane - Basted

Thursday night I cut out the batting for the quilt and rolled it up, the way I saw on the Craftsy class I took (well took part of). 

Then today I basted the quilt.  Like Susan, at Canadian Abroad, I pinned my backing to the floor before doing the basting.  It actually made the basting easier and I don't have any tape so it was a great solution.

Here's the back of the backing

and the front after basting

And now I can start quilting. 

I think my goal will be to do a certain number of lines a night.  I think I'm going to do diagonal lines through each square and then maybe shadow lines around the blocks.  I have some pieced white pieces that I want to hide the piecing.


Kate said...

Great progress! Have fun with the quilting.

Shay said...

Way to go on getting the basting done. That's what Im going to be doing today too!

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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