Tuesday, July 30, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - 7-30-13

I am hopeful that putting the date on my post will keep me from publishing early.  Probably not, but I can always hope.

Tuesday - worked on AJ quilt
Wednesday - worked on AJ quilt
Thursday - worked on AJ quilt
Friday - nothing
Saturday - more nothing
Sunday - finished quilting AJ quilt, made binding, attached binding to front of quilt, made pillow for YD (matching duvet cover)
Monday - hand stitch binding to back of AJ quilt

I had a pretty good week this week, and no early, accidentally posting of my post. Yay!

The AJ quilt is just about finished.  I'll finish up the binding tonight and wash it and see how it looks.  I'm happy with it. It doesn't have a home.  It's a child's quilt but not a boy or a girl quilt -- a lot of blue (boy) but also a lot of children playing (girl).

Anyway, head on over to Life in Pieces to see who else has linked up to report on how they met the challenge this week.


Marti said...

You had a good week. Is that your binding on your mat? I like those colors and like having quilts that are good for either boy or girl. You always have a quilt on hand for a gift and it's easier for the new mom to use with her next baby, whatever it is.

Shay said...

I love seeing pictures of binding all rolled up - it makes me very happy (probably because it means a finish is close)

Congratulations on YOUR finish! Dont forget to post pictures for us.

Pat said...

I agree with Marti. It's always nice to have a generic child's quilt on hand.

Kate said...

You had a really good week. Hope you get the binding all finished up tonight.

make.share.give said...

Sounds like a good week! Pretty colors in your binding.

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