Saturday, August 17, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

I'm a little late this week; I've just been working and haven't felt much like doing anything like blogging.  

Tuesday - work on stacked monkeys
Wednesday - work on stacked monkeys
Thursday - work on stacked monkeys
Friday - nada
Saturday - make ring bearer pillow(s)
Sunday - finish quilting stacked monkeys, attach binding to back, start hand sewing
Monday - nada

Decent week.   I think I finished stacked monkeys on Tuesday, but I didn't write it down so I don't remember, but here it is.  I'll take a few more pictures later to get the whole effect..

I need to work on my picture taking.  Love this quilt, especially the scrappy binding. I'll try to get a better picture before I ship it off to it's new owner, plus I need to add it to my finished quilt list.

Here's the link to the 15 minute challenge -- check it out or better yet, link up1


Katie said...

Wahoo wtg on the finish!

Shay said...

I feel like you're finishing a heap lately (while Im still slacking off and doing not much !)

Love the stacked monkeys quilt - it looks wonderful.

Kate said...

Love the scrappy binding too. It's a fun quilt. Congrats on the finish.


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