Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cocktail Wednesday

Tonight's cocktail is a Candy Corn Cocktail.  Check out Shay's post on it.  It's difficult joining in when the reviews are not stellar -- but I'm committed to it this week, I've already put the vodka in with the candy corn ...

and a friend is coming over to help with this tasting.

Here's the link for the recipe we used:  I googled "candy corn martini" today and found several others.

The vodka/candy corn mixture wasn't nearly as clear as the one in the link.  I didn't do the "glasses" up as pretty as Shay, though I did dip the rims in sugar.  We actually thought the martini tasted okay.  I might even say pretty good.  I don't have a rating scale yet (Shay's was 2.5 out of 5.0), but this was so much better than last week's.  Last week's cocktail's only saving grace was that the vodka wasn't infused with anything (i.e., candy corn) so the vodka was still usable (we used it this week). 
I didn't read the directions on how much candy corn and vodka to put in the jar which may account for the cloudiness of the mixture and I used lemon vodka. 
Anyway, on to next week ..
p.s. don't you just love the plastic martinit glasses??


Katie said...

no offense but that sounds like the opposite of appetizing! but glad you liked it better than the last one.

Shay said...

Yours seems to be a better orange colour than mine. I gotta say that this week's cocktail seems to have been a bust. Hopefully we'll find something more palatable next week.

You outed yourself with the plastic glasses- I would have thought they were glass if you hadnt blabbed !

Marti said...

I never would have thought of vodka and candy corn together. I'm actually more surprised that you were able to find candy corn at this time of year. And NOW I get it with the Wednesday Cocktail parties.

Marg said...

I'm still really pleased I was away this week, so missed out on the "pleasure" of trying this drink. It still sounds vile.
Fingers crossed that next week's concoction will be much much better.

Kate said...

Hmm, I'm having a really hard time imagining how that one tastes. I ever knew that cocktails could be so exotic.

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