Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cocktail Wednesday

so, this week it was my turn to pick the cocktail.  Since last week's was so summery, I thought I would go for something more cold weather-ish (we're actually getting down to the 30s tonight in Northern California), so I picked a coffee cocktail. called The Bacon Maple Syrup.  

I thought -- how could you go wrong with something with that name. boy was I wrong.  This one was so bad I couldn't even finish mine.

Here's the picture of what it was supposed to look like.

The Bacon Maple Syrup Coffee Cocktail by Tyler Voelker, Urban Farmer 

That looks pretty good, right?

Here's what mine looked like.

Not nearly so pretty.
  • 1.5oz of rum 
  • 1oz of Calisaya liqueur (couldn't find this so I used Angostura Bitter)
  • .75oz of maple syrup 
  • coffee
  • frothed milk
  • garnished with a cured bacon skewer
I mixed the alcohol and syrup and then added the coffee and frothed milk (actually just heated milk since I don't have a frother).  I thought perhaps that if I had used fresh coffee and genuinely frothed milk it would have tasted better, but Marg assured me that it was still disgusting.

I'm not sure they'll let me pick another cocktail .. but if given another chance, I'm going for something more basic and one that I'm sure to like.


Marg said...

I think maybe, possibly, if you left out the bitters it might taste slightly better, but I'm not willing to try!
You are not the only one that has picked a dud cocktail, so I'm sure Shay won't put you on the bench..........yet.

Shay said...

The only good thing about this cocktail my friend was that you disliked it as much as we did...

It was certainly an experience.But the bacon was Bacon!

Anna said...

You are truly an adventurous person. Hope next week is better!

Kate said...

I loved this post. I so much needed a laugh. Though I am sorry that the drink was so bad

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