Monday, March 31, 2014

Wine Tasting - Livermore Edition

After our walk at Shoreline last weekend, we drove up to Livermore to do some wine tasting.  Not quite the same as Napa, but interesting just the same.  I confess that I continue to be surprised at the differences between wineries.

Our first stop was Nottingham Cellars to pick up a few bottles.  I didn't get any good pictures inside the tasting room -- except for the one with the barrels in the back.  We weren't invited back to the barrels.  *sigh*

Next up was 3 Steves.  Great name, and a great location. 

You can't really see the vines yet .. they're just starting to grow for the season (is that the right terminology -- probably not). 

Next was Boa Ventura.  A rather interesting place, in a barn, with a chocolate lab running around greeting people.  Lots of wines to taste here.  A family business, with the kids drawing pictures on the bags.

Last up for the day was Cuda Ridge.  "cuda" stands for Barracuda -- the car I think.  Apparently, the owner has a purple 'cuda. 

I found it interesting that at three of the wineries we went to, the owners were behind the counter pouring the wine and talking to the customers.  Much more personal than Napa.  I guess that's because it's a smaller community.

And our final stop was for a snack before heading home...


Katie said...

You guys are on quite the wine tasting tour. Are you also buying or just tasting?

Shay said...

I think you'd enjoy a holiday here. Wineries abound around 30 minutes from my house.

That snack looks fabulous ! Is it wrong I want cheese for breakfast now?

Anna said...

So is California wine different from Eastern shore wine? Did you ever go to Cremona?

Kate said...

Looks like lots of fun.


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