Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Goals

I work better with goals, even if I don't achieve them.  At least I work in that direction.  I want my goals this month to be reasonable, yet I want them to push me just a little.

1 - make 4 Grinch blocks

2 - Start a new project

3 - go to the gym 8x

4 - lose 8 pounds

5 - try a new recipe

6 - read a book

7 - unplug once a week (no games/blogging/facebook)

8 - take a Saturday walk somewhere new/different

9 - do something kind for someone "pay it forward"

10 - make improv blocks and mail them out

That's all I am coming up with now.

Here's my July recap:

1 - make one Grinch block -- didn't happen

2 - start a new project - started and finished (though I finished it in August).

3 - take a hike - I didn't do this in July but did talk a long walk this morning.  I guess that doesn't really count ...

4 - lose 2 pounds - I lost one pound so that's half way there.


Katie said...

Get it! I need to set some goals too I currently just have a crazy 75 item to do list.

Kate said...

Good luck with your goals. I find that if I've decided what's the priorities for the month, even if they don't get done, there is usually progress.

Anna said...

Wow 10 goals!
I didn't even make one. I wanted to start a project but can't find the pieces for it. I either threw them out because they were soaked in the water heater damage or they are somewhere in my closet lost where I didn't look.


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