Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 10 : March 5 - 11

 March 5 - the orchid in my office - almost all the buds are open

March 6 - the view outside the office

 March 7 - dinner at BJ's

March 8 - the devil cat

 March 10 - getting ready to travel...

 March 11 - mid-week wine


Kate said...

Great shots. The Devil cat doesn't look so devilish when he's curled up like that.

Katie said...

Yay. Fyi depending one where you stay you may not need the converter. We stayed at marriotts and even at friends houses and I never even opened the thing!


So this weekend, we went to Cuda Ridge to pick up our wine shipment,  They were having their vintage wine release and there were vinta...