Friday, September 16, 2016

Favorite Things Friday

Today's favorite is two-fold.  The first is my grandsons' drawings (or just kids' drawings); the other is a plan I have.

First, the drawings. I don't know why I had these in my bag, but I did, so I decided to scan them and realized just how cute they are. 

When Mikey was learning to write, he couldn't get "grandma" down so he would write "Gimop".  So cute, right?

I think these were all done during his Spiderman phase ...

And this one is by Andrew, at the same time -- I'm guessing Mikey was 4 and Andrew, 2.

Note to self, always, always, always date their drawings.

Second, the plan.  There is an app/thing called Storycorps, which is about talking to people and telling their stories. You can read about it here.  Anyway, I was thinking it might be cool to talk with my grandchildren, yearly and ask them questions about life.  So I'm going to do that with Mikey and Andrew this year, maybe Cooper.  And hope to do it regularly.  I'll let you know how it goes and maybe bring the videos here, if they turn out.


Katie said...

Love the story idea! I recently started recording jones's conversations because they are so random.

Kate said...

I like your story corp idea. I wish we'd done that when DT was younger.

Arlee Bird said...

Put alongside some of the modern art works that are highly acclaimed, these works to me are far better. Kids are honest with what they portray in their art and grownups often don't recognize the value of what is being said.

Arlee Bird
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