Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Soup #11 Pumpkin Soup - again

So, yesterday we went with the grandkids to the "pumpkin patch" and bought pumpkins for carving.  I did the carving -- probably should have figured out how to get the kids to do it (I'll try harder next time).

They didn't take the pumpkins with them so I cut one of them up for soup.  Recipe from here. Obviously, I used pumpkin instead of butternut squash.

Since that's my favorite butternut squash recipe, I knew it would be really tasty -- it was.

I also cooked up some of the seeds.  Those were great!


Katie said...

Do you have little tools? I let jones use a little knife from our tool set and he seemed to do fine with it he only really trimmed the pumpkin but it was a good start. This sounds yummy!

Kate said...

Fun pumpkins and a yummy soup. DT loves pumpkin seeds. We didn't do pumpkins this year and she missed getting the seeds.

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