Tuesday, April 11, 2017


As I am sure you are aware, Hamilton is the biggest Broadway play since I don't know what .. maybe Wicked? Soooo, Nevada has season tickets to the SHNSF, and she invites me to come with her some of the time.  For Hamilton, she had offers from many friends to accompany her (including me).  She decided to take her mother -- a great decision.

Unfortunately for Nevada's mom, she learned (about three weeks before the show) that a memorial for her aunt was planned for that day. 😞

I was thrilled when Nevada asked me to go in her place (and felt just a little guilty).

Nevada had also given two tickets to the show to her former roommate as a wedding gift (nice!).  So since that friend (who lives in L.A.) and Nevada's mother (who lives in Nevada (of all places)) were coming in to town for the show, they had reserved rooms at the Fairmont San Francisco for the weekend.  I only mention this because normally for a show, we go up and back to SF for the day, but not in this case.

Since it seemed the most convenient thing to do, Nevada and I left work, went to the airport to pick up the travellers from L.A., and then drove up to SF for the night.

Image from here.

This is the Fairmont.  It is a beautiful hotel at the top of Nob Hill.  Great views! The only down side was that every time you left the hotel, you had to come back up the hill .. I'd be in great shape if I lived in San Francisco.

We went to dinner at a restaurant/bar near the hotel and then capped the evening off with drinks at the hotel bar.

The next morning we got up and walked to the theater with a stop for dim sum at Lai Hong Lounge on the way.

(cute sign)

Anyway, it was a great musical.  Definitely lived up to all the hype.  (and now I want to know more about the characters in it -- Hamilton, his wife, her sister, Aaron Burr, Hercules Mulligan, Lafayette, and John Laurens, and even the presidents (Washington, Jefferson, and Madison)).

I definitely need to get back to reading biographies ... so much to read, so little time.

All in all, a wonderful time!  

*according to the internet --SHN stands for Shorenstein Hays Nederlander. SHN owns and operates the Golden Gate and Orpheum Theatres and is the pre-eminent theatrical entertainment company in San Francisco.

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Katie said...

Ahh sooo jealous we looked into tickets for Cincy and cheap seats were $300 so we decided to pass

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