Friday, May 5, 2017

Quick Question

for which I don't necessarily expect an answer, or any answers for that matter ....

lately, when reading articles on the internet, I am having trouble figuring out when.  There don't seem to be dates posted or published or whatever it would be.

I read a touching article about a man who had lost his sister to cancer, he said that this was his second Easter without her.  I tried to find out if it was this year or last or 10 years ago.  There was no date anywhere, that I could find, to tell me.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Kate said...

I haven't had that problem, but when I'm ready stuff on the Internet it's usually scientific papers from digital journals and those have dates.

Southern Gal said...

Sometimes you can find a date through the comments, if there are any. Otherwise, I don't know how to find the date. I've run into that a few times myself.

and another birthday ..

Happy Birthday, Nevada!   I hope she's having a wonderful day!