Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May Wrap Up - June Goals

Okay. So. My May goals were a total bust.  I didn't do any of them -- oh, except I made four blocks for the baby quilt.  

1 - Make quilt for Nate - Nope
2 - Work on baby quilt - barely
3 - Sew 15 minutes a day (3x week) - Ha
4 - Complete week 4 of couch to 5K - no way
5 - Meet step goal 3/7 days - not even close, only 6 times the entire month.
6 - Make a new bread (biscuits) - No :(

So let's make a better effort for June ...

1 - Start quilt for Nate
2 - Work on baby quilt (8 more blocks)
3 - Do couch to 5K - no promises on how far I get
4 - Meet step goal 3/7 days
5 - Make a new bread
6 - Make blue elephant(s)

I've been working on getting on the treadmill regularly - I'm shooting for 3 days a week, but no promises there.  I also am trying to have a "no bread" and a "no sugar" day each week.  If they work, I'll expand to more days.

Here's a picture of the blue elephants that I've cut out .. now to make them.


Southern Gal said...

It's good to set goals even if you don't meet them. At least you have something to aim for each month. I need to do that. I really do. But my June goals are huge and here it is already the 8th...
Can't wait to see your elephants. I've seen that pattern.

Katie said...

My goals are all out of whack. I feel like some nights I can barely wash the dishes! Keep swimming.

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