Saturday, July 8, 2017

Napa (yet again)

So, before Nevada left for Washington, we took one more trip to Napa together ... We visited all of our normal haunts, Mumm Napa, Raymond, and Merryvale, but we added a new one : ZD.

They have an outrageously expensive blend called Abacus that we tried .. it was good (but not that good -- we should have asked the price beforehand).

However, we sat on their patio for about two hours, mostly by ourselves and relaxed.  That was really nice.

ZD was actually our second stop of the day -- we had our bubbles first ...

Took a look around the art gallery that they have at Mumm and checked out their barrel rooms.

and our final stop at Merryvale ... you can't tell from this shot so much, but the glass on the right was HUGE.

Then we had dinner at Tra Vigne Pizzeria.  They have the best mozzarella .. to die for.

And that was our day .. it was a very nice trip.  Hopefully we'll have more when she comes to visit, but until then, I've got a wonderful memory.

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Kate said...

Looks like a lot of fun and very relaxing.


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