Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 35 : Aug 27 - Sept 2

 Aug 27 - the tree (courtesy of my dh)

 Aug 28 - Quilt from the Lake Breeze (courtesy of my dh)

Aug 29 - HSTs

Aug 30 - Sept 1 - although not taken on either of these days, here is the tree
(to see more pics of this tree, here's a post from a while ago with several pictures)

Sept 2 - Blueberry Lemon Drop


Southern Gal said...

That tree must have quite a story to tell. Love it. And lemons and blueberries are a favorite of mine.

Katie said...

Nice tree shots Pwagwag.

Kate said...

Love that quilt! Looking forward to seeing where the HSTs are going.