Saturday, March 8, 2008

ten good memories

that's a tough assignment -- not because I can't think of ten but how big on the good scale are they supposed to be. Let's come up with a few right now...

1 -- playing cards with friends

2 -- when Mark was born (not to say that other births weren't great -- they were, but there was something different about Mark's birth)

3 --when Paul met me at the train after being in Ohio for a month

4 -- making jam with mom

5 -- spending time with Robin

6 -- getting my promotion

7 -- hanging curtains in the room

8 -- buying the beds

9 -- when Amanda said she liked me, that she understood I wasn't comfortable around people... not descriptive enough

10 -- dancing at the Christmas party last year

here's my first stab at it. I'll come back to this tomorrow (or later today) and modify it until I come up with a list that I'm happy with. That's funny.

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