Friday, November 6, 2009


My husband brought home two movies tonight that I had never heard of .. I thought they were going to be stupid teeny bopper movies, but the first one is really good .. The Other End of the Line. I really recommend it. Of course, I was on the computer for most of the movie, but that's how I always watch TV these days.

I worked on my quilt tonight. I finished cutting all the squares into 3.5 inch squares, and now I'm sewing them together. The first two rows are together and they look pretty good. I'm actually excited about it. Hoping to get the top completed tomorrow, then I'll add a couple of borders.

Maybe I'll take some pictures as I go along ... I have to post pictures from when Lita was here. We got pedicures when she was here and I have a picture of all our feet -- the feet are not so cute but the toes certainly are!!

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