Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I need to set some quilting goals for this year ... One comes from my 52 list and the others are things that I know I want to get done.

1 - Christmas stockings - find pattern, buy fabric ...

2 - Quilt for S - she's having a baby in August, I think.  They aren't going to find out what they're having ahead of time so I'm going to make a green quilt.  I feel like yellow is too girlie, so it will be green.  Not sure what pattern yet.  I've seen a few cute ones.

3 - Blue (the other) pinwheel sampler quilt: I need to catch up on the blocks.  I think I need to complete 9 blocks before Saturday when the new block comes out.  I also want to chart/diagram it out on the computer so I can decide what layout to use.  I can't really put it anywhere on the ground because of its size.  I need to get more fabric for the sashing, the border, the binding and the backing.  I'm leaning toward flannel for the backing because I think the husband (aka hubby) will really like that.

4 - Pinwheel Sampler Quilt - I need to get border, binding, and backing for this one, though I may be able to piece together the border and binding from left over pieces from the "layer cake".  As for the sashing, I am going to use the cream I've been using for the background fabric (I think) but I am not sure if I am going to put little pinwheel blocks in between each larger block - they're cute but it might be a little busy for me.

5 - Purple quilt - I have this cut out, but I just need to get to work on it.  It is a little frustrating because one of the fabrics is a knit and thus really hard to work with - I will need backing, binding, border, and batting  for this one.  Oh, and I probably need batting for all the other projects as well.

6 - thank you gift for my wonderful friend who gave me her old sewing machine.  I have something in mind but I need to get just one thing from the store to complete it.

7 - rag rug made from t-shirts.  This is really cool.  So far I have about 4 inches done.  I'll work on it on Thursday night.  Making the strips is time consuming and kind of messy but I'm actually really excited about this.  I just haven't spent time on it lately.

Guess that's it for now though I am thinking of other things too ...

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Katie said...

Look at You and all these goals good luck


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