Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Year's Resolutions ... a little late

I was reading through one of my quilting blogs today .. or maybe one of the blogs attached to one of my quilting blogs and ran across this entry by another blogger.
Although it's not January 1st, the next year of my life starts today. According to the this, I need to come up with a word that will help/encourage me for the rest of this year. I'm feeling a little stressed right now and I want to be proactive instead of reactive. I think that switching from the "DO-HAVE-BE model" to the "BE-DO-HAVE model" is good thing -- of course it starts with a "doing" .. but since that "doing" is accepting a "being" or figuring out a "being" maybe it's still a good approach.

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Katie said...

well I agree you want to be not necessarily just do and have but it's a blend of all three things. I am still a fan of small achievable goals (the dos) and longer harder to achieve goals (more of the be). The biggest key for me is figuring out what I want and then planning it. Good luck!


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