Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday ...

I was going to write about soups but then something happened last night that I thought should take precedence .. I was getting ready to fold clothes, about 10:30 ish, when we heard this loud sound.  Paul thought it was Mark coming home, I thought it was more than that, but that it reminded me of thunder.  We went and looked out the front door and didn't see anything.  Went around the house, still didn't see anything.  Decided just to move on, when the doorbell rang.  It was our neighbor.  Apparently someone had run into the lightpost in front of our house, swiped Grandpa's car, driven across our yard, our neighbors' yard, run into another car and was down by the stoplight at the next street. 

here are some pics.

I'm glad I took these last night because they removed the pole in the middle of the night and you wouldn't have been able to see it otherwise.

Amazing there wasn't more damage.



Katie said...

yikes looks like a drunk driver.

Thea said...

actually not - just an inexperienced driver who took the turn too fast .. fortunately it was only property damage.


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