Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite thing this week is Ritz crackers.  (Hope I didn't pick them as a favorite before...)  I have been eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner lately ..

It was actually a toss up between these and the Godfather .. but these are so yummy and I was falling asleep during the Godfather ..

To see other people's favorites, check out Quilting In My Pyjamas, or better yet, link up and share yours.


Sara said...

Our ritz come in tall skinny boxes with two foil tubes of biscuits inside. Your boxes look short - is there just one big bag in the middle or do they come in 4 tubes?

Ritz (along with cheese cubes and celery sticks) are my drunken snack food of choice.

Shay said...

Finally! Something you have there that we have here. We even have Ritz in the same box!

Im a Clix fan myself. Same thing just a different name.

I dont know that's a healthy breakfast young lady but you have at it if it makes you happy!

Kathy said...

I love Ritz too and we have been on a bit of kick with them here too!! Two of my children are really nuts for them!! I also love the Godfather! Thanks for a fun post!! Happy Weekend!

Kate said...

Ritz were the only crackers my Dad would eat, so it was the only cracker we had when I was growing up. They are yummy!

Katie said...

my friday came and went this week and I hardly noticed it. YIKES!

Ritz Crackers are yummy in tomato soup.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Oh yes Ritz crackers are one of my favourites as well, you can't stop at one can you! :-)

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