Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite this week is buying fabric on sale.  I have the hardest time buying full-priced fabric so when I go to any fabric store, whether it's JoAnn's or my LQS, I have to buy the sale fabric.  Just about everything I buy is discounted.  Sometimes I buy fabrics just because they're on sale .. of course, in my head I come up with something I'm going to use the fabric for, but since I'm not sewing or quilting very much, I never seem to use it.  but I will.  Here are some pics of my not-so-great sale fabric purchases:

 I got this to make some sleepy pants (aka pyjamas). 

This was to line a diaper bag.

This was for the backing for a baby boy quilt.

They were each probably only a couple of dollars each, but if I had saved my money I could have bought some of the nicer fabrics that I really want. 

All the lovely fabrics I bought earlier this week were on sale.  most were $4/yard.  The polka dots were 1/2 price so I think they were $4.50 or $5/yard.  Those were a pretty good buy.  Of course, now in thinking about it, a couple of the fabrics were questionable -- the dinosaurs, the blue stars, and the purple.  Even the ones I got for "out of time", but they were on sale. :)

So anyway, for other favorites, check out Quilting in My Pyjamas.


Shay said...

I really love the blur of backing for baby quilt. And the green that you;re going to make pyjamas pants out of would be perfect for a Christmas quilt too!

I often buy sale fabrics to put away for backings and for my stash. I dont think any fabric you buy is ever really wasted !You'll use it eventually...

Kate said...

Love the fabric you bought to line the baby bag. The pyjama pants will be cute out of that green print and the pretty blue will be a prefect backing. You did good!

Janice said...

I used to buy more fabric on sale. But I try to only buy fabric I love now. I buy fat quarters and half yards of fabric I truly love and then use many different fabrics in a quilt. I used to think I needed to own it all, but now I will just go in the store and fondle it unless it really calls my name.

Great post! Thanks for sharing.


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