Sunday, July 15, 2012


So I finished the top for the Liberty Quilt.

But now I need to make a couple of decisions.  Do I add another border?  What should I use for the binding?  Initially, I was going to use the striped fabric for the binding.

But I don't like the way it looks next to the quilt. So I thought one of these might work as either the binding or another border.  What do you think?  I was thinking that maybe a solid pink would be the better way to go.

And finally, I think I will use this as the backing.

This is coming together quite nicely.  I need to get some batting.  I'll probably do that tomorrow night.  Hope to have the quilt finished next weekend.  Actually, it will be after that because I'll be in New York next weekend.


Sara said...

My vote would be for a white border around the edge the same width as the sashing (I'm not sure if it's already got this or not?) and then the striped binding. But I'm a sucker for a striped binding. I think the two pastels are a bit too washed out compared to the vivid colours you've use in the blocks, but I really like the backing fabric.

Marg said...

I agree with Sara, if you are doing a border a white one would look nice. I really like your original stripe binding. Why don't you like the way it looks next to the quilt? I really like your backing fabric too.

Shay said...

The front looks fantastic!

I'd use the same fabric for your binding as you're using for the backing. And I'd add a fat white border to the quilt but pop random squares of the colours you used in the front in between the white ... whatever you do it's going to be a lovely quilt.

You jetsetter you - off to NY again!

Kate said...

I agree with the ladies from down under, a white border and then either the stripe or the polka dot as the binding. The finished top looks great.


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