Monday, December 24, 2012

'twas the Night Before Christmas

Anyway, I finished all the things I wanted to finish.  Now to get food ready and all that.

Cooper's blanket* -- done!

Crayon rolls, done!

Cooper's stocking - done!

(no pics, yet).

That's it!  Merry Christmas!!

*Cooper's Quilt is number 8 for the year -- I have just about a week to complete the ninth one to meet my goal of 9 quilts for this year (see The List)


Kate said...

Congrats on all your holiday finishes. Hope they inspired great big smiles when opened. Merry Christmas!

Shay said...

Well done Thea. You finished ! (which is way better than anything I managed to do sewing wise !)

All your projects look wonderful.

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