Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wishing and Hoping (and thinking and praying)

Spent the weekend in NY (hence, the picture from the temporary office -- the view from my hotel room was pretty nice too).  I may (or may not) post some pics and blog later.  For now, I need to figure out what I need to get done in the next 7 days.  starting with tomorrow.

1 - bake 6 more loaves of cinnamon bread
2 - make breakfast casseroles
3 - get someone else to make fruit salad
4 - get bacon (4 lbs), cook bacon
5 - get chafing dishes
6 - orange juice
7 - get white elephant gift (+ one extra in case someone forgets)

Then I have to figure out what I can accomplish sewing-wise, crafting-wise over the rest of the week.  Here's what I want to get done.

binding on Cooper's quilt
work on twisted quilt (after Christmas)
Christmas shopping
make stocking for Cooper
make other stockings (didn't I have four I needed to make from last year?)
make crayon holders
bake more bread (for other friends, Caro's family)
plan Christmas Eve and Christmas day foods

I still have the sewing kits I wanted to make last year and the cowls/scarves also from last year.  Such a crunch.  I swear next year I'll do better.

And I also have  a couple of packages I'd like to send out and Christmas cards .. those too!

So little time.


Marg said...

Looks like you are going to be very busy.

Katie said...

long list! I need to make a list and start crossing things off myself!

Peg said...

Oh, man, that's a lot to get done in a week! Hopefully you have taken some holiday time in order to do all that! Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas

Shay said...

Looks like quite a list. Are you trying to squeeze work in there too?

And I have to ask ...4 pounds of bacon?Are you making bacon jam?

Kate said...

At least you made a list. I'm too scared to actually write down what needs to get done!


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