Saturday, March 23, 2013

Favorite Things Friday (Saturday Edition)

I just got home so I'm very late in posting my favorite this week. I'm struggling to come up with one favorite so here's a bunch ...

my electric blanket
my ipod
turning my music up as loud as I want in the car
singing along loudly (and off key) in the car
eating Oreos
eating more Oreos
visiting with friends
talking with my sisters
watching a good movie
watching a funny movie
baby laughter
McDonald's mocha frappe
a hot shower
the devil cat
sleeping in
a good book
a hug
another hug

.. check out other favorites at Quilting in My Pyjamas.  If you want, you can link up and share one of your favorites too! I know we'd all love to see some of yours.


Shay said...

Nice list Thea. I think the giggles and hugs are probably my favourites. I hadn’t seen a decent movie in ages until last weekend . Mr. P brought home Argo – a great movie if you want to do some thinking while you watch .

Marti said...

Great list. I especially relate to singing in the car off key and loving the devil cat.

Kate said...

What a great list! All are wonderful favorites.

Anna said...

I have a few favorites:
Sleeping in my own bed
Taking a shower in Aunt jo's drive-in shower
Clean clothes
new shoes
playing with 4 year olds
Chinese food
Friends old and new
Bible study
fallin in love

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