Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Roundup

My 6 year blogiversary was March 9. You'd think I'd remember such a momentous day, but I didn't.

Anyway, I thought I would do a mid-March update of my goals.

1 - finish KP
Done.  No pictures until after the wedding.

2 - finish Blue Elephants.

3 - make pillow cases for the boys.
Done. I haven't given them to the boys yet.  I showed them to their dad and he said to wait.

and though not on the list, I made some new covers for the two small cushions on our couch. I had made the old covers, bu they were showing their age, plus these match much better.
Susan (Canadian Abroad) gave me the idea for doing them in corduroy. I also used zippers. I learned a little more about zippers, but I sure have a lot more to learn; I think next time I'll use a pattern so I can do it right.

4 - work on duvet cover (this is dependent on my dear friend Jane ...) nope.

5 - work with scraps left over from the time quilt (need to finish the quilt top)
I made two blocks, which I have to press and see what I think of them.  Since I didn't make a commitment to more than this, I consider it done -- I didn't say I'd finish it this month.  That's for April I think.

6 - make a sock monkey
Got the batting for this ... it's a start.

7 - get one yard of fabric for Grinch quilt
Done. Ordered from Fat Quarter Shop (and received).


8 - buy one stocking stuffer for the girls (almost .. got three out of the five I wanted to get)

9 - take craftsy class (probably paper piecing) -- nope.

I'll make my April goals and post them early next week.


Marti said...

I like your corduroy pillows. I've never tried to make a cover with a zipper.

Marg said...

Ooh I love your corduroy pillows.
You got most of your March goals completed!. I'm pleased there's no photos of sock monkeys!

Anna said...

Did you find the socks for the sock monkey?
I never found them.

Kate said...

Those pillow cases for the boys are fun. They are sure to love those. Your new couch pillows look very nice. I've not sewed a zipper in ages, I'd have to look up how to do it!

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