Tuesday, April 30, 2013

15 minute challenge

I am so excited that I am finally able to join up with Kate's 15 minute challenge again (translate, I actually did some sewing this week).  Here's how my week went:

Tuesday - worked with Time and Again scraps
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - worked with Time and Again scraps
Friday - worked with Time and Again scraps; sewed two rows together
Saturday - finished putting Time and Again scraps together, finished quilt top
Sunday - nothing
Monday -worked with Look and Learn fabrics

I was thinking I would call the time and again scrap quilt "Left Over Time." Here's what it looks like -- partially anyway.  I need to get a full picture of it. 

and the other one ..

as for observation, while I was away on my trip I noticed observed some things that were quilt inspiring. A couple of floors...

 and an air vent ..

I wonder if the carpets were inspired by quilts .. particularly the first one.

To see how others managed their time this week, head over to the 15 Minute Challenge at Life in Pieces.


Kate said...

Wow, you knocked out those 4 patches really quickly. You had a great week. I like your first observation, it does look like it was inspired by a quilt.

Peg said...

You certainly got a lot done in your 15 minutes - both quilts looking great! And I stand amazed at the inspiration you found - somehow, air vents just look like air vents to me,except when somebody else points out their artistic value.

Shay said...

Lurvvvvve those 4 patches Thea. I think Im the only person in the quilting world that doesnt see inspiration in things like carpet and windows and shadows. My brain just doesn't make the connection. I wish it did !


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