Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Katie and Dustin's Wedding - Part II

So, anyway, I completed #18 on the List -- going to Katie and Dustin's wedding...

On Thursday, we flew from San Jose to Chicago.  Since we could fly non-stop to Chicago (and not to Indianapolis), I thought it would be a good idea to fly there and rent a car and drive to Indianapolis.  I stupidly didn't check on how long of a drive it was from Chicago to Indianapolis before I made the reservations* -- turned out to be a three hour drive.  So after flying for four hours, we drove for three.  Not my most brilliant plan.  However, what is done is done.

Entering Indiana ..

Lotsa windmills ..

A late stop at Olive Garden for dinner ..

We got in too late on Thursday to spend time with any family, so it had to wait.

Friday, we helped with set up at the church.  There were about ten of us helping the wedding coordinator (a friend of Katie's) get the reception "hall" ready.

Here's a picture of the hall/gym before it was decorated ...

Almost there

And how it looked for the reception

In typical Katie/Dustin fashion, there was a photo booth set up.  I took some pictures to make sure it would work.


After decorating (and posing at the photo booth), we went to lunch at Applebees with several family members.  My dad and husband met up with us there.  After that we went back to Katie's but then remembered that we had to pick up my YD from the Indianapolis airport. so from the aiport back to the hotel .. then we connected with my cousins who were in town for the wedding.  No pictures. :(

After dinner with my cousins, went with the groom and his ushers to Nicky Blaine's in downtown Indianapolis for whiskey and cigars. Sorry, no pictures. :( It was a boys' thing but my husband would only go if I did and I thought the boys needed some more mature influence .. I think that was my first cigar (could be my last too). It was a nice time.

*We had driven through Chicago on our way from Michigan to Indianapolis a couple of years ago and I thought it was 1.5 to 2 hours. NOT.  oops.


Anna said...

Ok, great review of the pre-wedding. I have'nt even blogged about it yet. Love your pictures. I am going to copy them and share them with friends. I miss seeing everyone and can't wait until we come to California in August.

Katie said...

I love the pre-photobooth photos! Thanks so much for coming. PS it's about 2.5 hours if you are driving late at night when there's no traffic so maybe that's it.

Kate said...

The photo booth idea was a fun one, love those pre-reception photos.

There are such trade offs when you fly these days. You probably made it faster than you could have it you'd taken another flight.

Shay said...

On the up side you got to see some of the country on your drive. I wouldn't have had any idea how long it would take either.

Wedding set up looks great - now how about some pictures of the beautiful bride?


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