Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I found this plaid fabric in my "stash" last night and was wondering if you think I should use it on my pink elephan quilt.  The plaid is actually pinker than it looks in the picture and the pink isn't quite so bright, and the background for hte pink elephants is more cream than yellow.  The second picture is more accurate.
 My thoughts are
            1) to use the plaid instead of the pink or cream,
            2) to use the plaid for sashing, or
            3) to use the plaid as a small border (before the other elephant fabric I have)

So, what do you think?  I've decided to use it as the binding even if I use it in the quilt as well.


Katie said...

I like the plaid. But I would like gingham better seems more baby

Shay said...

I'd probably use it as the binding myself, and not in the actual quilt. I like the colours you have going on in the quilt and I think a small plaid amongst those big prints and solids might throw in too much distraction. Just my two cents and what do I know!

Peg said...

Love the plaid, a little less 'in your face' than the solid!

Kate said...

I agree with Shay. Use it as the binding. I like Katie's idea of a gingham, a soft pink one would diffuse some of the bright.

Marti said...

I like it but I wouldn't take apart what you've done. Would it make a good backing?


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