Monday, October 28, 2013

And More Wine Tasting

and now, back to wine tasting in Napa ...

Our third winery was Raymond. (Where do they come up with these names??) 

Raymond was an interesting place.  The bar area was fairly traditional but the rest of it was anything but.  I'm not sure what this area was -- we just looked around and then left.

These "angels" were up above. 

Outside there was a little walkway with a garden with lots of veggies and other things.  I thought it would be really dull, but it was quite interesting.  Either that or I had had a few too many sips.

 Weeds .. volunteer plants. hmmm.

 At the end there was a spot for picture taking ...

And then the last one.  It looked like a warehouse from the outside, but inside it was great! I think when it says "tasting cellar" that was the room we were in.  it was massive, smelled winey (in a good way).  It was perfect for our final stop.

 Behind the bar.

 The three of us ..

All in all, a good day with some very interesting wines and wineries.  Can't wait to do it again.


Katie said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love the photo of you and Paul

Shay said...

Love the picture frames for photo ops ...what a fabulously creative idea.

Did you discover any new favourite wines?

Kate said...

Looks like fun.

Volunteer plants? I've got lots of those!


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